About Us

Formed in 2004 by Roux trained chef Liz Turner, The Dinner Service now provides one of the premier catering services in South Devon.

Liz has always loved to cook. Since childhood, cooking has become her life. After working in a variety of establishments throughout her teens, Liz entered into a chef's apprenticeship with the Roux brothers. Working in their patisserie and at busy restaurant 'Le Gamin', near the Old Bailey. Liz soon out performed her rivals and landed a role at the Roux's premier restaurant 'La Gavroche' where she worked for two and a half years alongside some now very famous chefs.

Working in these establishments taught Liz the values she still holds dear today including the importance of quality ingredients, presentation, self-motivation and self-belief - 'it's all about the taste!' Immense care is taken with every event to ensure the food, service and overall experience is perfect.

Liz loves a challenge and some of her regular clients, used to dining in fine restaurants, definitely manage to set her a few!

So, whatever your requirements, put Liz's 25 years of culinary expertise to the test - you won't be disappointed!